Jewish Education

The board of Tampa Bay International School elected in March, 2020 to launch a Jewish education component to our educational programming. This component enhances our mission to foster multilingualism, embrace diversity, and inspire children to work for a just and sustainable planet.

Tampa Bay International School is committed to our identity as an inclusive school that proudly welcomes families of all nationalities, ethnicities, and religions -- as well as those with no religious affiliation -- to our community. Our progressive and pluralistic Jewish education program:

  • fortifies our school's commitment to several tenets of Judaism: social justice -- tzedakah and tikkun olam; the promotion of peace -- shalom; and protecting our planet -- shmirat ha'adamah.
  • explores Jewish history and the diversity of Jewish culture and traditions worldwide
  • provides Hebrew instruction
  • acknowledges and celebrates Jewish holidays and important dates
  • offers optional Jewish religious instruction (with alternative instruction offered at the same time.)